Nike Paul George PG 2 20210904

#First of all, although the color matching is good-looking, it is easy to get dirty. Don’t buy white. Really, the lining is dirty. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder like me can’t stand it. The comfort of the upper foot is very high, and you won’t feel any discomfort. This time, unlike the first generation, the forefoot part is no longer so empty, and the wrapping feeling of the middle forefoot is quite good. As for the cushioning, I can share with you a few more words. 1. The air pressure of the forefoot zoom this time is greater, and the feedback is more obvious. 2 the forefoot air cushion is placed closer to the sole of the foot, and the feeling is more obvious. Unlike the first generation, it’s placed close to the shoe’s outer sole, with a thick layer of material in the middle, which is closer to the sole this time. 3. There is no feeling in the back palm, even a little shaking. The summary is more suitable for shooting the party’s cushioning. In general, heavy players shoul

When I bought this pair of shoes by mistake, I didn’t understand it at that time. Later, I gradually learned about the culture of sneakers. Paul George II, who was not good at matching pants, could only wear shorts to look better.

Nike Paul George PG 2

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