NIKE Air Force 1 20210810

Shoes are still very textured, and they feel very good. They can be worn in summer with jeans or sports pants Shoes are quite versatile. The small board shoes are more classic and versatile styles. The same object seen in the counter is very suitable. The material is shown in Figure 3. Because of the upper fabric, the internal air cushion is very soft, not tired, very light and not heavy at all. The sole is also antiskid. Black is very versatile, and the quality is good. Suitable for spring and autumn wear

Just came back very hard, even a bit of the top foot, wearing clothes will not be hard, also not top foot, just right! I usually wear 38, but I wear 36.5 this time. It’s just that I’ve been sent by air to me by the end of the year, and I’ve made up for the price difference. I’m late to buy it

NIKE Air Force 1

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