APL Concept 3 20210807

I really hope the greater the disappointment. The so-called increase of bounce height of shoes is a joke. I didn’t feel it at 1-2 cm. I felt OK when I just put it on. Maybe I was a little excited when I received the shoes. After the actual combat experiment last night, I was completely disappointed with this shoe. The only advantage is that the package is good, the shoes are too hard and the shock absorption effect is very poor. I hope I want to buy them Buyers think twice, this is my personal experience.

There is obvious air cushion in the shoes, and the left and right feet are not consistent, resulting in the inability to take off. Just put on the feedback with the business, copy and paste perfunctory, put forward to return, said the ground can not return. It’s totally unreasonable. If there are any problems with shoes, you can compare them with your own and try to see if there is any difference between your left and right feet. Like this kind of air cushion shoes, do not take off, do not go down by glasses to see the difference Completely unreasonable seller, hope that Hupu netizens and Taoyou recognize the true face of the seller, there are problems with the product, it is worth buying! The attitude is extremely bad, which means I don’t want to talk to you. You deserve it when you go to the ground.

APL Concept 3

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