Asics GEL-Kayano Trainer Knit 20210806

I’m very satisfied with these shoes. I just feel that I can’t wear them in winter, because they are made of mesh and easy to get dirty. But the upper feet are really good-looking, and they look very high-end. They are not bad. I like them very much. It’s just that the shoes in Arthur’s shop just can’t change the size. If you want to change the size, you have to take a new pair, and then reduce the price difference. Anyway, it’s very cost-effective to have a pair of 11 pairs of shoes.

My feet are thin. I choose the normal size. The soles of the shoes are comfortable. The soles are moderate in hardness and soft. The heel is just on the top of the foot. It’s not small. I think it’s the reason why the hard plastic is wrapped around the heel. I hope I can wear it more often. The upper is not thick and very breathable

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