Onitsuka Tiger GSM 20210805

The size is slightly smaller than half size. It’s light and comfortable. It’s very comfortable. It’s very comfortable. It’s not soft. It’s very soft

Shoes are a little bit worn, logistics is super slow. And it’s easy to sweat feet. People who sweat a lot should be careful, because there is less cloth inside, and the sweat will always be on the socks, causing the feet to be very uncomfortable. Because it should be genuine.

Shoes are not real. This is not clear, but!! This after-sales service is too speechless! Although it was said that the shopping cart was added first on the double 11, and all the goods were paid uniformly. I didn’t pay attention to the size, which led to the wrong shooting. I immediately contacted the store owner to see if I could send the correct size directly. The communication was invalid. I admit that this is my fault! I can also accept the freight, not to change, only to refund, which is too overbearing! Is it a decoration to return or exchange goods without reason in 7 days I’m too lazy to change it. It’s a rare bad comment in my life!

Onitsuka Tiger GSM

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